Raspberry Chocolate Trifle

Posted on July 29, 2021
Raspberry Chocolate Trifle

Skill Level: Easy

Time: 20 minutes

Servings: 8-10


1 Sweet Ali’s Pound Cake
1/2 cup raspberry liqueur (optional)
1 cup raspberry preserves
1 package chocolate or white chocolate pudding
Milk (as needed for the pudding recipe)
1 pint fresh raspberries
1/2 pint heavy cream
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tbsp sugar (optional)
1 cup dark chocolate chips


  1. Make pudding as instructed.  Chill.
  2. Cut pound cake into slices.  Then cut slices into thirds
  3. Line bottom of a trifle bowl (or large glass bowl) with 1/2 the slices
  4. Sprinkle with 1/2 the liqueur (skip this step if omitting)
  5. Spread 1/2 preserves on top of pound cake
  6. Spread 1/2 of the pudding on top of preserves
  7. Add 1/2 fresh raspberries and 1/2 dark chocolate chips
  8. Repeat the process using what is left of the ingredients
  9. Add vanilla and (if using) sugar to the cream and whip until stiff
  10. Frost the top of the trifle with the cream.
  11. Decorate (optional)
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