When People Understand . . .

Posted on January 3, 2017

Do you have people in your life that just “get it”? Understand you have celiac disease and what it takes to have a restricted diet?

We are lucky enough to have that in our life. At my parent’s house, my daughter has her own toaster, cookware and celiac safe products. My mom plans every menu in advance of her visits and reviews products and ingredients with me to make sure everything is safe.

But when people outside of our family make an effort, it makes my day (month:-). Recently we have experienced such wonderful acts of kindness and for that I am eternally grateful.

  • About a month ago a friend of my daughter’s came over to play. She was carrying a container with cookies. I (inwardly) groaned fully expecting to have to secretly throw out the cookies while she and my daughter were not looking. Instead, I was thrilled (and so very touched) to see the full ingredient list written out by a sweet and thoughtful 9 year old. The cookies were made with coconut flour and completely safe (and yes, I did confirm the ingredients and cross-contamination issues with the mom before we indulged).
  • Just this week my daughter had a play date at a neighbor’s house. It was going to start just before lunch so I reached out to the mom asking her if she wanted me to send a lunch with my daughter. Instead I got 11 texts in a row with pictures of the ingredients and products she was going to serve at lunchtime. All were new (no cross contamination!). Some were safe (eggs, veggies, hummus) and some were not (“regular” oats). It was easy to agree on a menu and my daughter got to eat lunch at a friend’s house just like every other kid at a play date.

These instances touch my heart. I am so thankful to these moms for understanding and making an effort to help my child feel “normal” with her friends.

My wish for you in 2017 is that you find a couple more people in your life that “get it” and try hard to make you feel welcome and understood.

Happy New Year.

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