The pleasure was ours….

Posted on May 4, 2017

In April, Sweet Ali’s went “off campus!” We had the wonderful opportunity to attend two amazing gluten free events—the GFAF Expo in Schaumburg, and the University of Chicago’s Spring Flours fundraiser. We love participating in gluten free events, and it was great to see you!

First up – the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expo in Schaumburg. This is the event for the gluten free community in the Chicagoland area (and beyond). It is a chance for anyone who is gluten free to try new products, learn about new companies and interact with fellow gluten “free-ers”. For us, it is a chance to see our fans and friends as well as introduce ourselves to those we haven’t yet met. There were 6800 in attendance this year and we feel like we met every single one of you. You may have enjoyed the treats, but we truly loved meeting and seeing you. We adored hearing your stories about how we helped make your birthday special, how a co-worker brought you Sweet Ali’s cupcakes to the office so you could celebrate with the staff, how your gluten free child’s eyes lit up when biting into one of our cookies and how you suddenly felt “normal” after having one of our famous cinnamon rolls.

We think one quote sums up our thoughts from the Expo – a woman from California took a bite of our cookies & cream sample and told us she “would move to Chicago for this cupcake”. We are happy to help you move. 🙂

The second event was the University of Chicago’s Spring Flours Gluten Free Gala. While much smaller (only 350 attendees), it was equally special. This event again gave us the opportunity to meet many friends. But more importantly, it raises thousands (and thousands!) of dollars to fund research to cure celiac disease.

Dr. Bana Jabri, the head of the research at the University of Chicago, recently made a major discovery in the in the fight to cure celiac disease (research report here). This is an important development and the Center needs continued support in order to further their studies and reach their goal. Spring Flours helps them continue progress towards that goal – we were proud and honored to be part of it.

No matter if we see you at these major gluten free events, at smaller occasions or on a regular day at one of our bakeries. It is great to see you … and the pleasure is ours.

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