Thankful for Being Gluten Free

Posted on November 26, 2014

It is that time of year again.  Time when we sit around the dining room table with family and friends and list what we are thankful for.  Will anyone say they are thankful for the celiac diagnosis?

I am thankful for my daughter’s diagnosis.  Thankful she has celiac?  Of course not.  I wish there was nothing wrong with her – but if that is not possible, I am thankful that she is not needlessly suffering.  I am thankful everyday that her pediatrician was well versed in celiac disease, knew to test for it, and referred us to a fantastic pediatric gastroenterologist.  I am thankful that she was quickly biopsied and the diagnosis confirmed so we could begin her healing.  I am thankful that in the first 18 months of being gluten free my daughter grew 5 ½ inches.  I am thankful she was so young when she was diagnosed that she doesn’t really remember any other way of life, making the transition a wee bit easier (for her anyway!).

Living gluten free is not easy. I know that firsthand, and I am not discounting it.  But I do – and I encourage you as well – to look at the positive side.

  • Be thankful that there are apps like Find Me Gluten Free to help you find gluten free restaurants and  Is that Gluten Free to find safe food in the grocery stores.
  • Be thankful that grocery stores like Whole Foods, Mariano’s, Fruitful Yield and Sunset Foods have tags that clearly state what foods are gluten free.
  • Be thankful there are places in Chicago like Sweet Ali’s, Bountiful Eatery and Senza that are 100% gluten free and you can walk in and eat anything … or everything :-).
  • Be thankful there are celiac centers all across the United States offering diagnosis, treatment, education and support.
  • Be thankful there are hundreds (and hundreds) of websites that offer gluten free recipes, support and so much more to make being gluten free that much easier.
  • Be thankful there is a celiac community that embraces, supports and cheers for you and your success.

So, sit around the table and add a celiac diagnosis to your list of thank yous.  Raise a glass (and a fork!) to a healthier you and yours.

We at Sweet Ali’s wish you the happiest and healthiest of Thanksgivings.

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