Sweet Ali’s Gluten Free Bakery: Customer Spotlight

Posted on May 31, 2016



You don’t have to live in Illinois to be a fan of Sweet Ali’s. Camden is from Minnesota and he is a big fan. He first learned about Sweet Ali’s after having our pancakes at Egg Harbor Café. He and his mom loved them so much, they drove straight to Sweet Ali’s to pick up some goodies to take home. Now it is a tradition. Every trip to Chicago equals a trip to Sweet Ali’s. This year they visited during the Gluten Free Expo in Schaumburg. They stopped by the booth, as well as the bakery. They packed the car and are still enjoying goodies from their trip.

Camden is the youngest in his family. He has two older brothers and a dog. He was 6 when the doctors told him he had to go gluten free. He loves to play baseball, basketball, taekwondo and golf. In the summer he enjoys the gluten free summer camp held in Minneapolis where he gets to be with other gluten free kids (and eat some good food!)

Camden was nice enough to take a few minutes to tell us about him, his family and why he loves Sweet Ali’s.

Name, Age & Grade

Camden, age 10, grade 4

How long have you been a Sweet Ali’s customer?

Almost 1 year

What is your favorite Sweet Ali’s product?

Piggy Frosted Cookies

What Sweet Ali’s treat do you recommend others to try?

Fairy Tale Cookies

How often do you visit Sweet Ali’s?

Whenever we go to Chicago. I wish we had a Sweet Ali’s in Minnesota.

What is your favorite thing do?

Play baseball

Where is your favorite place to visit (other than Sweet Ali’s, of course)? 

Waldeemer Park in Erie, PA.

What word would Mom & Dad use to describe you?


What word would your friends use to describe you?


What is your favorite meal?

Flank steak with potatoes

Video games or books?

Video games

Pool or beach?


School time or summer time?

Summer time

White milk or chocolate milk?

Chocolate milk






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