Halloween, Candy and Your Gluten Free Kid

Posted on October 22, 2014


Whooo’s ready for Halloween?

Halloween is almost here.  Kids just love it. The dressing up, the school parties, the trick-or-treating … the CANDY!  When your child has celiac, anything involving food can be scary.  But it shouldn’t.  All it takes is a bit of pre-planning (and a few stashes of gluten free candy).

The dressing up is easiest part.  Just make sure that any make-up the kids are wearing – especially if it goes anywhere near the mouth – is gluten free.  The rest is simple … that is until your child decides to change her mind about what she wants to wear the night before the class party.

Next is the school party.  This can be easy or hard depending on your school district.  Maybe they don’t allow parties (problem solved!).  Maybe they don’t allow food at the party (yeah!).  Maybe they allow parties AND food (gulp!).  But don’t despair.  It just takes a bit of advanced preparation.  Start with contacting the teacher to see who is planning the party, and then contact them.  You could offer to supply all the food for the party (and make it all gluten free and safe) or simply inquire what they will be serving so you can send in equivalents for your child.

Next is the trick-or-treating.  This is the fun (and challenging part).  When my daughter was very young and only went to 5 to 10 houses, we always did a one-for-one swap of any candy that wasn’t safe with candy that was.  Now that she is older and trick-or-treats for blocks and blocks (and blocks and blocks and blocks …) we still go through her bag of goodies and split them into a safe and not safe pile.  Then it depends on the size of the “safe” pile.  If it is fairly large we leave it at that, and if the “safe” pile is small then we dig out our (secret) stash and offer to make it up to her.

Each year, there are many websites that help determine which Halloween candy is safe (and I am always amazed at how long the list is!).  Click below to check any candy to determine if it is safe:




Then select some for your secret stash.  And if you are anything like me, try and remember NOT to eat it all before Halloween (or at least remember to restock it when you do!).  Happy Halloween!

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