More Gratitude … Less Grinch

Posted on December 20, 2014

‘Tis the season. The season for kindness and peace, for good friends and good cheer. It’s also the season of hustle and bustle. We can easily, and maybe even understandably, become Grinch-y and think only of the presents under the tree instead of being present in the holiday moment. So, let us all try to be more like Cindy Lou Who … and remember to have more gratitude and less attitude and to see the good in people and the joys of the season.

A few of us at Sweet Ali’s would like to share some thoughts on giving, gratefulness, and happy holiday memories.

Favorite gift that you’ll be giving:

My 8 year-old nephew loves cooking and baking, and I found some really awesome cookbooks that have recipes for kids as well as great tips and techniques.

Books for my daughter. Like last year, I’m sure she will push aside her toys and games and sit with a pile of books in front of our tree and read for hours.

A personalized photo calendar for my mother, brother and daughter with memories from a wonderful year.

A plane ticket for someone to visit best friends.

I’m surprising my sister, so I obviously can’t share it with everyone …

What are you most grateful for this year:

Spending time with my nephew for his first Christmas. Magic!

Despite changes in my family over the past few months, the love and kindness remain.

Great family and friends in my life.

My very supportive husband.

The health of my family, especially my aunt and mother who are both cancer-free.

Best holiday memory:

My mom is one of eleven children, and there are over 80 people that we consider “just us.” Every year, we would cram into my grandparents’ modest house and spend the day together.

My Spongebob footy pajamas that I continue to wear to this day

When Santa brought me a 10-speed bike, and a Fonzie doll was sitting on the seat. If you pushed a button on his back, both his thumbs went up. “Ayyyyy!”

Spending the night in my sister’s bedroom so we could stay up late talking and wake up together on Christmas morning.

Visiting Brookfield Zoo’s Holiday Magic to see the lights for the first time – so beautiful and cold, but so worth it!

My mother would always make shortbread for the holidays. Now my children remember their grandmother’s shortbread next to her candy jar. I make it now for my own family … gluten free, of course!

In the end, the Grinch realized that Christmas doesn’t come from a store … Christmas (and this season) is so much more. Let us celebrate the wonder and the magic that the season brings and the traditions and memories that we hold dear.

Happy holidays from all of us at Sweet Ali’s!

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