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Gluten Free Lifestyle: Sweet Ali’s Spotlight

Posted on September 21, 2013
Sara Kummerer

Sara Kummerer

Sara Kummerer is a breath of fresh air.  A recent Purdue University graduate with a background in business management and accounting, Sara tweets and posts Sweet Ali’s sweet news about products and community events.  She also has a hand in organizing bake lists, inventory, shipping, and spreadsheets.  Whew!  Sara is all hands on deck … with a smile.

What is your job at Sweet Ali’s?

I’m sort of a jack (or jill) of all trades at Sweet Ali’s.  I process orders, create bake list, keep track of inventory, put together shipping orders, assist with accounting, build excel spreadsheets, and manage our social media sites.

What brought you to Sweet Ali’s?  How did you get here?

I have family at Sweet Ali’s.  After I graduated from Purdue, I was looking for an opportunity to use my business background.  Sweet Ali’s was growing … it was a good fit.

What is your favorite thing about working at Sweet Ali’s?

I’m always learning new things about how a small business operates.  Recently, I went to a social media seminar representing Sweet Ali’s, which taught me how to use social media for the business most effectively.

What has been your favorite tweet?  Favorite Facebook post?

I love to re-tweet and see people’s appreciation of our gluten free products.  Like this one …

Nicole @GreenTea2219 Mar

Had my first G-free chocolate chip cookie from @sweetalisbakery @artizonechi. I want to hug the baker it was so good!

Since I am not gluten free myself, I find it interesting to see what others think about living a gluten free life and how the gluten free community is growing.

Sweet Ali’s Bakery shared Allergy Warriors & Gluten Free Living‘s status.

July 12

Real Simple Magazine posted these facts. Interesting…

Real Simple Facts & Figures
Over the past few months we’ve sent out a few surveys to find out more about you and your life. Here’s what we found in relation to gluten-free lifestyles:

47% of you think eating gluten-free food is a healthier way to eat

65% of you have purchased gluten-free products

35% of you felt better without gluten in your diet

96% of your have noticed gluten-free products sold in stores where you shop

As always follow @Real Simple on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

What’s your favorite place to visit?

I love visiting Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  My mom’s family is from there.  We vacation there with over 20 other family members from around the country, so it is a large, fun family reunion.

What’s your favorite food?

Every and any kind of pasta.

What’s your favorite Sweet Ali’s item?

Sweet Ali’s mega chocolate chip cookies, of course!

What’s your one indulgence?

Chocolate.  When I can’t find chocolate in the house, I go to the cabinet for the bag of chocolate chips.

What’s your favorite Sweet Ali’s music mix?

I don’t have a favorite.  When I’m sitting in the back office, I love watching employees try to be sneaky and change the station without anyone noticing.

What’s one thing about you people would be surprised to know?

I was a figure skater for 10 years.

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