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Customer Reviews

★★★★★ Wow! So impressed with the GF selections. I will be honest, I almost cried when I walked in. I was so happy!  The woman behind the counter was kind and helpful. She complimented my hat and did not judge how ecstatic I was to be in the presence of so many yummy things that I could eat with no worries.
Just wow. -Sarah H.

I’ve been a customer for years and have never been disappointed. Your cupcakes are huge and the bread doesn’t need toasting! I never have to worry about cross contamination, which is rare with freshly baked goods. I love the dairy free options as it is something I need to limit as well. I appreciate being able to get your items at stores when I can’t make the trip, but the drive is always worthwhile. I could go on and on… love you guys!! -Kate O.

We drove down to Sweet Ali’s Bakery from Milwaukee and it was well worth the drive! To see the look on our 3-year-old’s face when he discovered that he was able to pick any treat out of the bakery case, (without me telling him that he can’t have those due to a wheat sensitivity), was priceless. The cupcakes and sweet rolls are amazing! We also purchased flour, pancake mix, snack mix, frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, hamburger buns and sandwich bread. My son had a slice of the bread with his dinner and he LOVED it! The first time he has had SOFT GF bread! I wish I would have gotten the name of the wonderful women that helped us. She gave us a tour of the shop and told us about every product. She was great! We can’t wait to return!! Thank you for everything! -Beth H.

Oh My Gosh — that was all my son and my husband kept saying after biting into the treats I brought home last night — the lemon and salted caramel cupcakes and chocolate chip cookie were a hit! Gluten free? As far as my boys are concerned that didn’t make one bit of difference — best cupcakes they’ve ever had is what they said. Thought you might like to know. Absolutely delicious!! You have some new fans… -Sheryl M.

Dear Ali & Susan, Thank you so much for making our Thanksgiving the best. We were finally able to have a fantastic crust for our Apple Pie!! And your cupcakes, cookies, muffins were incredible. I am sure you get this a lot–the feeling you get when you watch your child enjoy what others take for granted means sooo very much and for that I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! -Amy S.

Words just don’t describe how wonderful Sweet Ali’s is; you simply MUST just go in and try EVERYTHING!!! Guaranteed you will not be disappointed. I served the vanilla cake with the vanilla icing at a party and not one of my guests realized it was Gluten Free. It’s just that good! Every time we take my daughter to breakfast, we go to Egg Harbor, they sell Sweet Ali’s cinnamon rolls and pancakes….which I order now myself. The pancakes are fluffy and sweet. Perfect way to start your morning. Cannot praise Sweet Ali’s enough. They sell their products in some stores now around the Chicago area. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! SWEET ALI’S. You have made a difficult time for my daughter’s celiac much more tolerable! -Barb D.

We ordered a half sheet cake for an event for my son who has Celiac-it was incredible! Better than any standard cake we’ve had from any of our “go-to” bakeries. We had countless compliments and people didn’t even know it was gluten free! This cake exceeded all of my expectations and was worth the drive. Thank you!!! -Jennifer S.

Oh, sweet baby cupcake Jesus. My mom just threw a wedding shower this weekend for my fiancée (gluten free) and I. It was Parisian themed and had a huge dessert table. About half of the dessert table was made up of gluten free treats from Ali’s, the other half, gluten-y treats. By the end of the party there was nothing left from Ali’s EVERYONE DEVOURED IT. I have never had more delicious cake or cupcakes in my life. As people were walking out, they were depressed they couldn’t grab more Ali’s cupcakes to go, and were raving about how good gluten free food was…which I thought was hilarious, Ali’s is definitely the delicious exception to the rule. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! -Joey M.

What an amazing taste experience. Wonderful to look at and delicious to eat. So many choices – great assortment. There’s yummy things there for everyone, not just GF people. Red velvet everything is to die for! Can’t wait to go there again. It’s worth the trip….every morsel is worth it! -Lorraine B.

Omg, hands down best gluten free hamburger buns!! Cannot tell difference and actually better than regular buns 😉 Giddy I found yet another Sweet Ali’s product to fall in love with 😉 -Jamie F.

Hi, I was the one who lives two hours south and did an order for items in your bakery. My husband and kids loved all of them, especially the Easter cookies!!! I’ll have to keep you in mind for my husband’s birthday cake in February. I’ll order more soon on the website to ship. Thank you again! -Terri S.

My husband ordered me a cake for my birthday yesterday and it was AMAZING! People don’t realize how much they take for granted a soft, moist, delicious cake! Thank you for creating my “custom” order! Everyone agreed the cake was super yummy! -Melissa L.

Your generously sized chocolate chip cookies were a huge hit with my family; most of us are gluten free so it was great to have a get together where everyone could enjoy the goodies! Plus we still have some left for morning coffee and they are still soft! -Michelle D.

My sister-in-law in MI buys your GF flour and sent a bag home with me (KS) so I can bake for Christmas for my brother and niece who are GF. WOW….first batch of sugar cookies made and they taste awesome! She was right–you have the best GF flour mix hands down! Can’t wait to tell all of my GF friends about your wonderful product! -Christina B.

Last Night I Ate The Most Tantalizing, Flavorful Gluten Free Cinnamon Roll 🙂 🙂 :-)………. No One Would Know The Roll Was Sans Gluten!!! I’ve Tasted Many Gluten Laden Cinnamon Rolls Over The Years……BUT….SWEET ALI’S IS A WINNER!!!! YOU SHOULD HAVE THESE GEMS AT GROCERY STORES!!!!!!! -Kelly K.

Thankful for baked goods from Sweet Ali’s this Thanksgiving. It was nice to feel “normal” at our family meal. Thanks so much. Your food is nothing short of amazing. Your pumpkin bread is better than any glutinous pumpkin bread I’ve had. -Jennifer M.

I bought some Salted Caramel Cupcakes from you at the Expo. They are awesome. Today I was excited to see that Mariano’s had some of your sweets. I got the Salted Caramel and Red Velvet Cupcakes. I had a Red Velvet one tonight. I absolutely loved it. I have to come out to your store soon because I’m excited to see your other products. Thanks for helping us GFers find delicious again. -Lauri C.

SIMPLY AMAZING!! I cried when I tried their pumpkin pie, I never thought I was going to try it again ever in my life, it was delicious, it was hard to believe that it was gluten free, THANK YOU ALI. -Tejion C.

Made my daughter a birthday cake using the yellow cake mix I bought at your shop – Best. Cake. Ever. Truly, no one would ever have guessed it was gluten free (though it definitely tasted sinful!). Thank you, THANK YOU, for creating such delicious GF treats. I just wish the whole thing had been eaten because I keep snacking on it! -Molly R.

I love all of your products! With food allergies I thought I was done with pizza, but your dairy and egg free cheese pizza was absolutely delicious! I’ll definitely be back in to pick up some more. -Shannon J.

I attended a chamber of commerce ladies luncheon today and Ali Graeme was the speaker. She provided us all with dessert, a beautiful salted caramel cupcake. Let me tell you, it was one of the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten.. So good. Gluten free? What? Honestly just delicious. I would recommend these to anyone, with or without an intolerance. Yum yum yum :)) -Patti L.

Just wanted to let you know that my daughter (sophomore in high school) is taking a Food and Nutrition class in Summer School. On the first day she brought in a bag of Sweet Ali’s flour and has been using it cup for cup for all the recipes. Thank you for making such outstanding products! -Laura C.

First time coming in today! I’m newly diagnosed with gluten allergy so I was extremely happy to have so many friends tell me about you guys! Bought the stuffing mix and can’t wait for Thanksgiving! -Nicole S.

These, by far, are the most delectable baked goods I’ve ever had. Actually, my whole family enjoys everything I’ve shared from birthday cakes and cupcakes to your fab stuffing at Thanksgiving! -Sharron S.

Thank you so much for the awesome dairy free selection. I went dairy free several months ago because my newborn is allergic and I have been absolutely craving cake!! The orange cream cupcakes were fantastic!!! I can’t wait to try the rest!! -Jessica K.

Stopped by yesterday to get some donuts and cupcakes (Hanukkah style) for our celebrations today. Boys were thrilled this morning to get to have donuts for breakfast! What a treat! THANK YOU! -Shelly B.

Thanks for coming to Casey’s Foods Naperville over the weekend! The gluten and dairy free cake was excellent and the cheese bread rolls…deelish!! -Ray K.

OMG! I just picked up a batch of your chocolate cupcakes in the frozen section at Fruitful Yield! I’m in LOVE! Seriously cannot believe how good they are! Thank you! -Janelle P.

I just want to say Thank you for making such DELICIOUS gluten free desserts! I am so glad that the fruitful yield in Oswego has your stuff! My favorite is your GF pound cake and your cupcakes! -Wendy H.

I love your hamburger buns. I ate them with sloppy joes last night. I enjoyed my sandwich so much I ate another for breakfast. Thank you for bringing carbs back into my life. -Kimberly R.

My hubby just brought me home a brownie = to die for!! It wasn’t gluten free weird at all! It tasted so normal and melted in my mouth!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! -Julianne N.

Picked up a dozen of your cupcakes yesterday to share with co-workers. I also bought the “toffee” It was like eating a pecan pie bar. It was SO delicious! -Jean O.

Thank you for making my son’s birthday extra special! He was thrilled with his Thomas the Train cake! Your cakes are so good no one believes me that they are GF. -Amy M.


Enjoying your focaccia bread from my freezer here in Dallas, TX! I was skeptical about how it would taste after microwaving it since it had been in my freezer for 3 months… and it was AMAZING! -Sara F.

Your lemon cranberry pound cake is SOOOOOOOOOO Good!. There is no way it will make it until Thanksgiving (I don’t think it will last 4 hours). Thanks for making such great products! The kids loved the turkey cookies. Always bought your products at Lemon Tree. Will be making the drive from now on. -Debra W.

I have recently (as of the 15th it’ll be 3 weeks) gone GF – and I just found your bakery. I went today – and all I can say is THANK YOU! I’m in heaven – soft bread and rolls? That are gluten free? That was the hardest thing for me so far! I also got myself a cinnamon roll – I keep sniffing it, it’s for dessert tonight. Just heaven. Thank you! -Deanna M.

My birthday was yesterday… My husband picked me up some salted caramel cupcakes but unfortunately we live nowhere close to the bakery!! Even having to get them frozen they were the best GF cupcakes I have ever eaten!!! As a matter of fact, they were the best cupcakes I EVER had!!!! -Jennifer H.

Just tried the carrot cupcakes and also the vanilla cupcakes with dairy-free frosting. Soooo good! Your products are amazing! I’m so happy I can still have delicious bakery items now that I can’t have gluten. -Tara J.

OMG, my wife Rachelle and I just had your Double Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes and OMG… we’re not even gluten intolerant but those were the BEST cupcakes we’ve EVER had!!!! -Zakery K.

Had a burger from the Country House today!!! LOVED my bun. There was a lady and her daughter there and they had come all the way from Darien to have a GF bun!! We made reservations there for Mother’s Day so I can have another Sweet Ali’s bun! -Jessica P.

Wow! Just tasted your cheesy biscuits. Yum! Can’t wait to try the hamburger buns! I will be seeing you guys a LOT! -Tina G.

Thank you so much for your gluten and dairy-free cupcakes – I picked some up from Standard Market in Westmont – can NOT wait to try all of your flavors – so moist and good THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for giving me a sense of indulgence! Can’t wait to visit your Hinsdale location! Xoxo -Lizzie G.

Like always- I had such a wonderful time visiting Sweet Ali’s today! Thank you Susan for all of your help- so nice talking with you! Just finished a key lime square- OUTSTANDING!! Happy Easter! -Jennifer M.

The salted caramel cupcake……words cannot describe how good it is. It has the taste and texture of a cupcake with gluten in it. I usually feel so left out at dessert time, not anymore! Well done!!! -Jennifer R.

Went to Mariano’s on Elston today and found your Apple Streusel cake. It was delicious… so excited to know about your bakery and can’t wait to try EVERYTHING. I don’t live close by, but I know it will be worth the drive. -Debbi B.

Just found out that you are the amazing source for the GF goodies we love so much at Egg Harbor Cafe! Cannot tell you what a HUGE parenting moment it was to take our celiac son TO BREAKFAST! Thank you for helping make this possible! -Shelly B.

Oh my gosh, SO glad I decided to get the king cake. It was absolutely delicious! Best one I’ve ever had. -Susan B.

Oh my! My granddaughter Ashley just made my night! She works next door at Doggie Diner. She brought me home some of your cupcakes and cookies! The first cupcake I’ve had in 3 years! I’m in love! That you Sweet Ali’s! -Jackie M.

Knew I should have gotten more than one of the Reese peanut butter cookies. Best cookie I ever ate! -Debra W.

My future Daughter-in-law is gluten intolerant and I ordered this beautiful cake and cupcakes for her bridal shower. She loved it and was so excited that for once she could enjoy a delicious dessert. Everyone else loved it too! -Laura M.